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Monday - Friday from 7:30am to 4:00pm

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Larry Robinette | Program Manager
Larry Robinette takes full responsibility for contract development, planning, monitoring, and negotiating multiple sources and com-ponents of the AAoA activities, functions, and ser-vices for elderly citizens residing on the Colville Reservation. he advocates for concerns and needs of senior citizens and helps the department in meeting established goals and objectives. (509) 634-2759 Email


LAURA PAKOOTAS | Lead Case Manager
Case Managers provide comprehensive case management for people who qualify for in home care services. (509) 634-2757 Email


Jossie Dick provides information, referral and assistance to clients including qualified seniors and adults with disabilities and their caregivers. Her primary responsibilities are to manage Individual Provider contracts and duties related to the contracting process. (509) 634-2831 Email


LUCILLE PAKOOTAS | Case Technician
Lucille Pakootas assist in the administering and monitoring of the Individual Provider service program. She prepares and processes contracts for individual providers. (509) 634-2761 Email


ETTA GRUNLOSE | Case Management Coordinator
Etta Grunlose provides comprehensive case manage-ment that involves assessment, planning, monitoring, mandatory reporting, and termination of services planning for individuals. (509) 634-2754 Email


Laura Dick | Office Assistant Senior
Laura Dick provides clerical and administrative support for Area Agency on Aging. She is the first contact and screener. (509) 634-2758 Email


Sharey Redthunder | Case Manager
Case Managers provide comprehensive case management for elderly persons residing in Inchelium, Keller, Nespelem, and Omak Districts. They are responsible for assessing, developing, monitoring, coordinating, and implementing service plans for the screening and necessary referrals. They maintain on going communication for all clients. (509) 634-2649


Anna M. Vargas | Sr. Administrative Assistant | (509) 634-2826